Banarasi Saree, Banarasi Sari, Saree (Sari)

Saris – Elegant Indian Traditional Attire for Women!

Sareess are the Indian traditional garment for women which can trace back its origins to Indus valley civilization. Sarees is most commonly found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The word ‘sari’ is derived from Prakrit ‘sattika’ as found in the ancient Buddhist Jain literature.

An Indian woman is said to look most graceful in a sarees. It clings to the body of a woman in a very sensuous yet elegant manner! What’s most endearing about a sari is that it suits every body type- whether the woman is thin or voluptuous! It is also the preferred garment choice for all special auspicious occasions like festivals, weddings etc.

How does a typical Indian sari look like?

A typical Indian sari is an unstitched cloth which is 4 to 9 meters in length. One can wrap around the sari in quite a variety of ways depending upon the region and culture of that Indian state. But the most common way of draping a sari is-

Tied round waist with one end of sari over the shoulder [known as Pallu] while the midriff remains bare. The plain end of the sari is tucked under the pleats on waist. The Pallu is the decorative one to three foot area in the sari which is visible on your shoulder. Besides this, the top and bottom of the sari boast of a derocative border that runs down its whole length!

Usually sari is worn over a petticoat (Pavadai- South India, Shyasi-East India) along with a blouse also called as a choli. This choli is normally a cropped short sleeved with low neck blouse which is suitable for the South Asian summers. These cholis or blouses are often decorated with mirrors or embroidery for fancy saris and available in halter neck and knot styles!
Saris are available in cotton, chiffons, georgettes, zari and the most expensive material i.e. silk!

They can be worn according to the occasion like in daily wear most women prefer printed cotton saris like Kota Doria, Dhaniakali cotton etc. which are very comfortable and affordable. While for occasions like Diwali, anniversaries, Ganesh Chaturthi or an Indian wedding most women prefer to wear the much expensive silk saris like Kanjeevaram, Benarasi etc.

Indian brides look exceptionally beautiful in a sari made of gold and silver thread known as zari saris. The abarwan saris which are tissue saris done up in zari are especially preferred for such occasions. Tarbana abarwan Banarasi sari, Kinkhwab sari, Baluchari saris, Sambalpuri silk sari are some of example of wedding saris.

While going for sari shopping one must keep in mind the occasion, weather and budget range before making a purchase! To look elegant yet chic one can also invest in a designer sari!

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  1. Sarees are always in fashion. I have so many collections of Indian Traditional sarees. Yes, you are right Indian women looks most graceful in sarees.

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