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2010 sari fashion – which colors are in fashion (for summer/winter)

When it comes to the sari, women have a riot of colors that they can choose. With catchy colors for every occasion, the saree surely is an irresistable fashion statement. Without a doubt the rich diverse colors, blend of fabrics, textures, arts and embroidery on the sari has caught the attention of every women, Indian or not!

Unlike what it was a decade ago where the saree was only considered traditional attire and nothing too fashionable, the sari has indeed evoked fashion conscious minds in the past few years. Women in India can now wear this traditional yet fashionable attire with magnetic grace that is sure to be the centre of attraction at any party, wedding, or festive occasion.

Indian designers have played a major role in bring back the saree as a fashion attire. No longer is it known in its innocent original form, but the tremendous colors on a saree, irrespective of the fabric it can score higher than any western attire.

Every fashion season has its own color and design style that women who love fashion enjoy following. Indian Designers  recognise what colors in a sari are the latest for each fashion season. It also includes the kind of embridery used, prints, and the fabric, as each of them ensure comfort and depict a certain trend in the Indian Fashion saree scene.

Let’s take a look at some of the most aspiring sari colors for summer and Winter fashions in India.

Silk Georgette Dress Material – Zari Resham Meena
Silk Georgette Dress Material – Zari Resham Meena

The winter fashion scene in India is also a time when a lot of weddings and marriages are held.  Some of the hottest colors that have been seeing its way on the ramp for 2010 Fall Winter saree collection is White,  Maroons, Greens, Golden printed sarees and even Magenta. Fall winter 2010 sari fashion seems to be a riot of colors right from subtle pastles, neutrals, and even shocking pinks. You will also find colors that have not been worn much on sarees like Greens that depict youth, innocence, and freshness. These colors work well with zari, brocade, and intricate embroidery work, which again is the must for wedding and festive occassions. These colors are available in Kanjeevarams, Chanderi, Maheswari, Banarasi silks, georgettes, and chiffons which again are very festive fabrics.

The Spring 2010 saree collection seemed like a poets dream with rich motif details and floral embroidery that is reminiscent of the abudance of flora in Spring. The colors for this season are varied, bright, lively and attractive that is sure to make spring look even more beautiful. Naturally colors that were a rage during Spring 2010 were pinks, blues, mauves and yellows. A very subdued color that made its mark in 2010 saree spring collection was silver that drew much attention. Summery fabrics like georgettes, cottons and chiffons were the highlight of this season’s style quotient.

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