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Sari Blouses – A bold fashion statement

When we think sarees, we are transported into another world of gorgeous swathes of silks, chiffons, georgettes, crisp cottons. The list has so many possibilities and the Indian woman has an array of choice when it comes to fabrics, designs, patterns, styles. She has so much to choose from, that shopping for sarees is an experience in itself. If shopping for weddings or festivals the first choice is always silk. Moreover, when we say silk, can the Benarasi silk sari be far behind? No. Because a Benarasi silk sari is a priceless possession, which holds pride of place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe. But when it comes to comfort and ease, we can choose from cottons, georgettes, etc which give an airy feel and look to the wearer.

However, when we mention sarees, we also think of blouses or cholis as they are also mentioned, in the same breath because blouses or cholis are an important part of the ensemble. Blouses earlier used to be very conservative and used as a necessity and not as a style statement. Sarees came with attached blouses and cholis were not given much thought. Nevertheless, as the market changed, so did fashion and sari blouses underwent a transformation of sorts. It went from being just a piece of clothing to a bold fashion statement.

The simple blouse is a  short top which is cut to fit the body closely, with short or long sleeves and may be full length or one in which the midriff is bared. However, changing fashion styles had its effect on blouses too and today you will get to choose from blouses which come along with sarees and designer blouses which are exclusive pieces made from georgette, chiffon, satin and decorated with stones, crystals, sequins to give it a different look from the staid blouses. These blouses can be matched with simple saris to give it a stately look or can be used on designer sarees to increase the flamboyance of the saree.

Bollywood heroines have added to the popularity of the sari blouse and designer blouses are the rage today with off-shoulders, halter necks, spaghetti straps, backless cholis, tube tops and  the bustier which can be mixed and matched with sarees and trousers alike giving a different look to the outfit it is worn with. The sari usually covers the blouse in front, so the back of the blouse is what can be seen and efforts are taken to make the back elaborate with different neck patterns and designs that make the blouse revealing and attractive.

Thus, a sari gives an air of elegance to the wearer but the blouse or choli adds to the style quotient with many styles to choose from. The freedom of designing one’s own blouse can make one be creative enough to design exclusive patterns for oneself.  In conclusion, it will not be wrong to say that the blouse or choli does add to the beauty of a sari and makes it more dazzling.

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