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Simple details to look out for when buying a Sari

Saris have been popular for many centuries. It is the apparel of kings and queens. The beauty and luster of a silk sari is unmatched and silk is the most desired fabric by any woman when buying a sari. In order to be satisfied with your ultimate buy there are certain points which have to be kept in mind when buying a sari.

Though silk saris are much in demand, not everyone can afford a silk sari because of the high prices. This is where artificial silk comes into play. Artificial silk imitates pure silk in luster and feel. It is lighter than silk and easier to manage. It costs less to buy an artificial silk saree than a pure silk one. The art silk as artificial silk as it is also called, looks eye catching after worn, so you will see many women going in for an Art silk saree rather than the heavy embridered one. However, for those silk aficionados who want to buy pure silk sarees, the cost does not matter because the end effect of a pure silk sari is completely royal and ethereal.

Indian Pink Silk Georgette Meena Zari dress material
Indian Pink Silk Georgette Meena Zari dress material

When going in for a silk sari remember, the heavier the silk, the longer lasting the sari will be. A silk sari gives fluidity when it comes to the flow of material unlike an art silk sari, which may not have fluidity in fabric. In addition, the feel is different from a pure silk sari, which is softer to touch. Nevertheless, for the first time buyers, I would suggest you buy your silks from reliable and established outlets to get quality for money.

Another point to look out for would be the Zari used in silk sarees. The traditional pure banarasi silk sarees have real gold or silver Zari, which is made by twisting a silver wire around a core silk yarn, dipped in gold, which gives a silk sari the glamorous effect and exclusivity, which is what every buyer looks for. Today with artificial silk in demand, Zari is also seeing imitations in the market with Lurex Zari or metallic Zari used in artificial silk saris. This imitation is made through an electroplating process by twisting copper or aluminium wires around rayon or cotton core yarn. This cuts costs of precious metal while giving the same effect. However, this type of Zari does not last more than a couple of years and starts losing its color and sheen. If a pure silk sari is what you want then do not pick up any silk at throw away prices because it will not be the real thing.

Benarasi Brocades are very heavy silks, which are used as saris and for lehengas. Brocade saris are very much in demand for weddings because of its glittering and rich look. Tanchoi sarees or Amru brocades from Gujarat are heavy silks with vibrant colors and a satin finish and are favored bridal wear like Benarasi brocades. They are more affordable than Benarasi brocades

Today, saris are used mostly on occasions and festivals and buying a sari differs according to each buyer’s preferences and likes. The present fashion trends also play a big role in selecting a sari-silk or designer. Occasions usually see a wide array of sarees with embroidered chiffons, georgettes, and designer sarees fighting for space with the evergreen silks. When it comes to choosing sarees for normal use, the light embroidered sarees and woven, which are easily manageable and durable, are always preferred.

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