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What are the different fabrics I can choose for stoles or saris?

If you are looking for elegant stoles or sarees then there is nothing better than the Benarasi Silk stoles or saris. With its weaves steeped in tradition and Indian culture it is an epitome of an industry that has survived centuries of art and craft evolution. Even today the art of weaving Benarasi silk stoles and saris is still the same, the looms are the same, the techniques and even designs have transcended through generations.

The elegant brocaded Silk of Gold came to be known during the Buddhist period. However there is no definate period as to when the Benarasi Silk saree or traditional weaving came into existence. Since silk fabrics were even mentioned in the Mahabharata and Ramayan.

The intricate designs and brocades that we see today on every Benarasi saree has drawn its influences from flora, fauna, temples, and even tales from the Hindu Holy Books. You will also see a lot of influence of the Mughals since it was used extensively during the Mughal Empire.

The Benarsi silk stoles and sarees have elaborate brocades , a wonderful blend of Persian and Indian patterns with a lot of Zari work, beautiful colors and overall a great piece of art.

Let’s look at the differnt fabrics available as stoles and saris

Indian Pink Silk Georgette Meena Zari dress material
Indian Pink Silk Georgette Meena Zari dress material

Silk/Katan – The beautiful and spellbinding Benarasi Silk saree is made from 56000 wire like threads, where the weavers, weave the base which is 24-26m long. After which intricate motif and patterns are created with silver and colorful threads. The silk Jamdani saree that is also available in stole sizes are brocaded with cotton and a few zari threads. The wefts used by weavers to create these elaborate designs are complex resulting in sarees and stoles that are great nuptial and occassional wear.

Organza / Kora – Organza or Kora Benarasi sarees and stoles are much lighter in weight than the heavy silk sarees and stoles. It is a blend between the traditional silk motifs and patterns on organza saree frame. Giving you the best of both worlds!

Satin Saree – Satin Sarees with elaborate broacaded borders, motifs, buttie work etc are the newest in saree fabrics. Most of these sarees are hand embriodered, and are gorgeous to wear and look at. The feel is soft, light but yet gives a very rich classy look.

Georgette – The Georgette Benerasi silk saris are an example of art, skill and a blend of old and new traditions. This is the newest blend of materials with tradititional zari work, brocaded work and inticately embrodered patterns that include creepers, butties, motifs, paisleys etc.

Chiffon Georgette – Chiffon Georgette is a blend between the two materials that makes these sarees and stoles uniquely different. The art and asthetics in this blend of materials is complex but very elaborate.

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