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Where to find good Silk Stoles?

Remember those days when you would grab whatever kind of stole you had in hand, wrapped it around your neck, without bothering about fashion. Your only aim back then was to beat the chill and save your body from the cold gusty winds. Those days are long gone, when you talk about the stole today, there is a lot of fashion and information attached to it.

Although there are thousands different varieties of stoles that the market has to offer, there is one type that stands out from the crowd. You will now find silk stoles interwoven with a lot of patterns and motifs, traditional and is an ancient craft of India.  These stoles are alluring, colorful, with lots interwoven embroidery and almost everything fashion conscious women would ask for.

Much has been written about the Benarasi silk handloom and its tradition. It is the same concept put in the form of a stole. The silk used is the same, the weaves are the same, and so are the motifs and patterns. You will find silk Benarasi stoles that are emboidered and created in pure gold zari, fabulous brocades, traditional designs and lots more.

Pure Satin Kadwa Booti & Pallu with Zari

The Silk Jamdani brocade Benarasi stoles are some of the best  premium stoles to own. Watch heads turn when you wear it and walk into a room or even a party. The Jamdani designed silk stoles is of complex patterns and is a must have in your wardrobe.  Another highly popular silk stole is the Jangla style stole that is made with silk threads along with motifs that are of gold and silver.

Benaras  is the “IT” place if you are looking for authentic silk stoles that are timeless classics and an eternal fashion statement. Here you will find a variety of stoles, in a wide array of alluring colors and prints. The craftsmanship of these Benarasi silk stole weavers is spellbinding and you will surely fall in love with what you see.

The best places to get your coveted silk stores would be from wholesale shops that are located in the Chowk area. You can buy authentic original stoles for cheaper prices, which obviously is a much reasonable option than buying them from retail stores. Rajan Silk Store in Ash Bhairo chowk is one of the leading wholesalers for Banarasi Silk Sarees and Stoles where you can buy the choicest of stoles and saris at reasonable rates.

These silk stoles from Benaras are world renowned and are sought after by many. Silk stoles from the homes of these weavers have been looming their way into the hearts and minds of people who love art, colors, and the best in silk stoles.

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