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Deepika Padukone Makes The Sari Go Places At Cannes

Deepika Padukone banarasi sareeWhat did Deepika Padukone decide to wear at the Cannes Film Festival? Well, when all the others around here were dressed in gowns and other western attire, this beauty decided to dress different. And, mind you that kind of gamble really paid off as she was able to carry the sari, the classical Indian attire really well. The sari in silk made her stand tall, look elegant and chic and amongst all the other high profile dignitaries made her stand out. Although it was a risk to wear a sari on this kind of a gathering it really did pay off and made the wearing of the sari turn into one calculated risk.

The right kind of sari on your body, draped elegantly, can make you make that instant splash and get you in the eyes of the people who matter right away. There could have been nothing more sizzling than to see the dusky Deepika carrying off the beautiful sari with the right kind of embroidery, the right color combination and really stand out amongst the dark colors all around her. The blouse was perfect for the sari with the material and the embellishments on it. The design and cut along with the drape made this look like a fairytale come alive. She looked gorgeous that day and it just wasn’t because she was Deepika but also because the designer sari made her look so. She did go on to sizzle on the red carpet event and was able to get great acclaims and grab eyeballs with the way she had strategically teamed the right kind of attire for the right kind of place. Would she have been able to achieve this feat in anything else that she would have worn, highly unlikely!

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