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The Bride Wore a Smile and Banarasi Sari, Of Course

Right since times immemorial brides have worn and dazzled in the most gorgeous of Banarasi Saris. If you look at the tradition of the Banarasi Sari you will notice that out of all the different hues and colors of fabrics to be found in India, this is one of the very best.

Banarasi Wedding SariThe way the Banarasi Sari is so special that it is bound to come out as the finest piece of cloth that you have ever draped yourself with. There is something eternally magical, enchanting and captivating to be seen in a Banarasi Sari that has the most opulent of designs, exquisite embroidery and the best of color combinations. The right amounts of gold and silver weaves added on to the most splendid of colors such as the black of night, the scarlet red of passionate love, brick burnt oranges, cheerful and bright yellows, the royal purples, the splendid blues, metallic copper hues and the deep greens ensure that these saris make the bride stand out.

The thing about these saris is that they are quite heavy and with the most wonderful designs of floral, leaves, borders and the like which makes it a poem and a piece of art. All of these make it the perfect thing for a bride to wear. The gold and silver threads that are interwoven in a Banarasi Sari are the perfect thing to match with the most antique jewelry that you have. If you are getting the bride’s trousseau ready there is bound to be at least one Banarasi Sari in it. If you haven’t got one then look at the latest ones online and you will fall in love with them and certainly want them to be a part of your wardrobe.

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