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Banarasi Sari Shopping in Banaras- Collect Exquisite Designs!

Banarasi Saris are famous throughout the world for their exquisite designs and gold thread work. It makes them class apart from all the other saris. This traditional Indian wear is well liked by women of all ages. In fact, it is considered an essential item in the wardrobe of an Indian bride.

Counted amongst some of the most expensive sarees in India, Banarasi Sari can be bought today anywhere round the world. However, if you want to experience the true Banarasi sari shopping then head out to holy city of Banaras.

This city is the epicenter of all the Banarasi saris made in the country as well as the world. All the major suppliers of these beautiful saris are right here in Banaras.

The art of sari weaving of Indian designs with Persian motifs came into India some 800 years ago along with the Mughals. Since then a whole cottage industry has been set round Banaras or Varanasi. One can find a whole range of Banarasi Saris here.

Choose from either the delicate tissue Tarbana sari or wear the famous Kanjeevaram south Indian sari or try the organza sari, there is no dearth of choices here! The best place to shop in Banaras is the traditional old sari shops which are present there since many generations now!

You can have a delightful time choosing and finalizing the patterns in various motifs , bels, butis, golden zari, silver zari warps, tissue etc. foreigners visiting the this city which is famous for its temples and holy River Ganges like to buy Banarasi saris.

These exquisite pieces of clothing epitomized India dressing for women and make them look elegant and beautiful at the same time. Many a times these tourists take away Banarasi saris as a token or souvenir for their loved ones back home which in turn make them familiar with the traditional Banarasi sari!

But these days however, various imitation saris are also flitting the market. An outsider thus won’t be able to find the difference between the real deal and the fake. However, there are various precautions that one can take before investing into a Banarasi sari.

Some of the Banarasi saris are quite costly so you wouldn’t want to waste your hard earned money only on an imitation Banarasi sari! By looking closely at the zari used in the sari one can find out about the genuine quality of the Banarasi sari!

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