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Bridal Tissue Brocade Saris- Popular Choice of Brides across Nation!

A wedding is the most important event in anyone’s life. Women especially like to deck up for their big day which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Brides are treated on that day like princesses and thus one must wear an outfit befitted for a princess.

The traditional Indian sari is quite popular amongst Indian brides all over the country. As a matter of fact, a sari brings out the elegance and charm in a women’s personality.

Indian bridal saris are available in many designs and patterns. Choosing it is a difficult task. But one of the most famous Indian bridal saris are the tissue brocade Banarasi saris. As a matter of fact, Banarasi brocade and tissue silk sarees are available in various designs and combinations which are made especially for wedding purposes!

Bridal Banarasi brocade sari
A Banarasi brocade sari is preferred by brides in large numbers as they are quite easy to carry and look much sophisticated. It adds the much needed character to your persona on your wedding day. One can opt for a Banarasi brocade sari in colours of red, maroon and green as these are the Indian wedding colours also considered quite auspicious.

These saris are made by weaving silk with gold or silver threads which is known as the zari work. The artisans from Banaras are famous for their zari work all over the world. Influenced strongly by the Mughals, these Banarasi brocade bridal saris consist of motifs drawing images form nature, poetry, legends etc. these saris are available in various fabrics and patterns. The most famous one is the Tanchoi sari.

Tissue Silk Saris
Banarasi silk saris which are famous worldwide for their golden sheen add oomph to your wedding trousseau. These saris resemble a golden cloth woven with the help of gold and silver threads. These types of saris are made by running the zari in weft, another combination of zari and silk in an extra weft and silk in warp. It gives the sari a golden sheen which is quite attractive it looks at and give you the princess like look on your big day!

A tissue Banarasi saree boasts of densely patterned golden lotuses floating in a gleaming pattern. The glazed sheen which is a trademark of bridal tissue saris is created with real gold or silver zari weft in silk warps.

Bridal tissue brocade sarees

These types of brocade sarees in embellished designs have a tissue border which makes the bridal sari look elegant!

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