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Butterfly Sarees-The Trend is back!

Butterfly sarees is not an unknown thing today. Every woman must have at least one of these designer saris. These butterfly saris came into being as an experiment of the Indian designers who wants to give a different look to the traditional Indian sari.

These butterfly saris are in fact famous party wear! One can deck them up with matching jewellery and suitable accessories to complete your party look. These saris enhance your chic style and add elegance to you.

It will showcase that you keep in touch with the changing fashions. This butterfly design features on the pallu of the sari. Pallu is the loose end of the sari which is draped over the shoulder. Now by tapering with the pallu in the middle which comes right on the shoulder and then widening it again after it moves over the shoulder one can create the famous butterfly pallu effect. These butterfly saris come with readymade pallu designs which need to be set to get just the right look!

Pallu of the sari is a very important part. It can be draped or altered to give sari an altogether a different look. With butterfly pallu sari, the designers have tried to do just that. Another variation available for the butterfly pallu is the sari pallu is gathered and stitched in the middle to give the appearance of the butterfly!

Material used in the butterfly saris- since the butterfly pallu sari gives a sleek and chic look, it often uses soft and delicate fabrics like georgette, crepe and many more. These designer wear saris comes in lots of work such as beads, sequins, embroidery designs etc.

The most famous and perhaps the common work found on the butterfly saris are the cutwork. It enhances the butterfly design on the pallu and hence preferred by many!

Butterfly saris are preferred by many women as they are quite light yet sophisticated to wear! These saris which went out of trend for while when lehenga sari became a rage are now back in business. And that too in a new avatar! One can now see a combination of lehenga sari with a butterfly pallu. Isn’t it great investment? Think about it!

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    Am looking for buterfly pallu sarees.. especially the black one in the above images you have displayed.. can you let me know how to get it.. also can you let me know the price of it

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