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Georgette Banarasi Saree-Stylish Wear of Indian Women!

Georgette Banarasi Sarees are one of the most popularly used sarees in India. As a matter of fact, these sarees have managed to find a firm place in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. They are made up of thin light fabric which makes it quite easy to carry.

Whether it is a party wear or festive wear, georgette sarees always manage to create an impact! Some of its most attractive designs include use of material and embroidery designs done up in zari, beads and bright colours!

Georgette Banarasi sarees have always managed to look stylish and chic! They add elegance to your attire which enhances your appearance by manifolds! Many of the designs for sarees are created exclusively using the georgette base.

Banarasi Saree is coveted by woman of all ages. In fact, these sarees are popular all over the world. A Georgette Banarasi saree is thus quite a piece of art. The beautiful motifs which are a trend mark of Banarasi sari when created on a georgette base make for a very elegant combination.

So what is the trademark of a georgette saree? Well, one can usually recognize it through the traditional motifs it’s carrying on its body or borders. Most of the time fusion dresses are made out of the georgette sarees in combination with Banarasi sari designs.

In fact, a georgette Banarasi saree complete with exquisite motifs and designs in vibrant colours is quite preferred by brides and newlyweds. One can even rate georgette Banarasi sari as a perfect bridal or wedding wear!

How to drape a georgette saree?

The georgette saree is draped in the same traditional way like a normal saree. However, once it gets draped, it brings out the graced and elegance hidden underneath your personality! It looks stylish yet traditional when worn.

Nowadays, a georgette saree has become quite expensive given the changes it has gone through under the scissors of various Indian designers and labels. One can find a variety of new designer georgette Banarasi sarees and others created through mix and match of various designs through patch work!

There are sequences, bead work, zari work; embroidery designs of various kinds all embedded in our favorite piece of exclusive georgette Banarasi sarees!

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