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How to Take Care of Your Sarees?

Every Indian women love saris, the traditional Indian wear of women in India! In fact, these sarees are kept for daily wear to special occasions. Some of these expensive sarees require maintenance on your part.

So much so that these sarees even are handed down from one generation to another. They can survive long decades once you know how to take care of them properly!

There are lots of varieties of sarees pertaining to their specific regions, designs types, embroidery, fabrics and various other things. Here we are giving tips to maintain some of the most popular Indian sarees!

Let us start with some of the more heavy and delicate sarees

Silk Saris
These saris which are made up of heavy expensive natural silk require a lot of maintenance on your part.

•Try keeping them in a dark spot in your cupboard after wrapping them up in a muslin cloth. This muslin cloth allows the air to pass through the fabric but keeps away the moisture which is quite damaging to the saree.

•A dark corner also prevents the discoloration of the saree.

•Even while ironing the saree special care must be taken as different fabrics of sarees require different temperatures. Also, there are certain silk saris like satin which shouldn’t be sprayed with water as it leaves stains on them.

•The best way is to get them dry cleaned from a laundry rather than at home!

Tissue & Organza Sarees

•These types of sarees are quite delicate in nature and prone of getting torn easily.

•One shouldn’t leave them hanging for a long time as they lose their shape.

•Keep them wrapped in a muslin cloth or mul mul cloth for storage.

•Make sure the saree is refolded at regular times as it prevents any tear in the delicate saree.

Chiffon and Georgette Saris

•Chiffon and georgette saris require delicate handling with special care.

•Make sure you don’t wrap them too tightly or use any safety pins on them as they are very delicate and can tear easily.

•These saris have heavy zari and embroidered work on borders so they must not be left hanging too long. This is to avoid from getting it torn.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are a favorite of women for daily wear. They require special attention and maintenance.

•When these cotton sarees are washed then it should be done separately as colors of black, turquoise, navy blue bleed out of cotton sarees.

•Don’t leave them immersed in water too much.

•Dry them in shade.

•Cotton sarees look best when they are starched!

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