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Sari Shops in Varanasi-Trip Down Memory Lane!

If you visit Varanasi and don’t get a Banarasi sari, then it’s a worth less trip! The place is famous for its holy river bank temples and Banarasi saris, a luxury traditional Indian clothing item which has become a necessity for every woman these days.

Since time immemorial, Indian women have been intrigued by the aura of beautifully woven Banarasi Sarees. These sarees which takes atleast a fortnight to a month in preparation really manage to present the Indian beauty in its true form! This it is not at all surprising to see so many sari shops in Varanasi selling these beautiful man made yards of clothing!

Walks down the lanes of Banaras will you a glimpse into the rich cultural past of the city. One can in fact find many sari shops here which are established since many decades now. The Banarasi sari weaving art has been brought into this place by the Mughals 800 years ago. The Muslim craftsmen who built their abode in Varanasi still have their present generations residing in the same place carrying forward the art of intricate sari weaving!

The artisans selling these Banarasi saris made up in tissue, gold brocade and many more such patterns have been marketing these saris for many generations now. They are well aware about the trend of the market and have even updated themselves according to the changing times. However, one thing that remains unchanged is the high quality of expensive Banarasi saris which have charmed women since many decades now.

As a matter of fact, the fame of these saris has reached foreign shores as well. Thousands of tourists come every year to the holy city of Varanasi to enjoy the rich Indian heritage. They like to take back the famous Indian sari with them.

Luckily, sari shops of Varanasi like Rajan Silk store which are the epicenter of the supply of Banarasi saris round the country are here for service. Choose from georgette, meenakari, zardozi, opaque, tarbana, jamvar, butidar, tanchoi, consol, organza, amna, pure silk [kati], shatter, georgette Banarasi saris available in all the price ranges at the famous sari shops of Varanasi!

3 thoughts on “Sari Shops in Varanasi-Trip Down Memory Lane!

  1. Dear sir

    I have started a homebased saree bussiness
    What is the mininmum range of sarees and what is the min no of pieces for bulk order.

    Regards Arunajyoti.V

    1. Hi Arunajyoti, WE have saris from all ranges. However we specialize in pure banarasi silk sarees. Please call me on 09336910740 for further information. Its best to visit our shop in Varanasi to see the complete variety.

  2. Dear sir

    Would like to know the mim range of benaras saree
    and what is no min saree to be ordered for bulk orders

    Arunajyoti V

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