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Time to dress up with make up in your best Benarasi Wedding Sari

The right kind of makeup on you will ensure that you look your best and the Benarasi Wedding Sari looks just perfect. Also, keep in mind that a Benarasi Wedding Sari is a heavy made for special occasions kind of sari and therefore needs the right kind of makeup for it.

The perfect make up can be either done by a makeup professional. They will be able to get you the right color hues based on the color and design, style of the Benarasi Wedding Sari you are going to wear along with the other accessories. Moreover, the makeup artist will also go on to decide whether the makeup needs to be light or heavy as this will depend on the kind of skin tone and skin that you have.

If you don’t want a make up professional doing your make up then you can take the help of your friends or do it yourself. Keep in mind the right colors that you choose for the make up and the way they are able to complement the colors in the Benarasi Wedding Sari.

Choose color tones that suit your complexion, the color of your eyes and hair and the overall image and personality that you want to portray. Once you are done with that you will certainly find the right color for Benarasi Wedding Sari and match that color with the shoes, handbag, jewelry and embellishments.

Keep in mind this one important thumb rule for makeup. The color of your lipstick should be the exact color of the Benarasi Wedding Sari that you have on. It might take you time to hunt the right shade out, but it is certainly going to be worth the effort.

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