Banarasi Stoles, Varanasi (Banaras)

Banarasi Stoles – A Style Statement!

Today it’s all about the right look. People these days judge you by the number of brands you are carrying on your body. Producing the most stylish fashion statements while carrying an outfit is a one trend which is currently in demand.

Banarasi stoles can lend that much needed effect to your carefully picked outfit. As a matter of fact, even if you are wearing a regular set of casual clothing, you can always enhance it by adding a colorful exquisite Banarasi silk stole.

These stoles which are usually between 2 to 2.5 meters in length and 7-10 centimeters in width with broad ends are available easily at various stores in different colours, patterns, styles, designs and prices. It is just like a scarf that covers your shoulders while falling down in the front.

Mostly, the Banarasi stoles don’t feel that heavy on your pocket. They are very well within anybody’s reach. They are especially popular amongst the youngsters who like to mix and match their clothing to produce stylish outfits.

Girls can wear their vibrant Banarasi stoles either with a kurti or a short top. Also, they look quite great with a traditional outfit. A silk Banarasi stole with weaved designs makes people notice your excellent taste and class. Georgette Banarasi stoles are available both for casual as well as formal wears.

One can choose from:

Georgette Banarasi stoles
Shaded Banarasi stoles
Hand dyes Banarasi stoles
Embroidered Banarasi stoles
Hand woven Banarasi stoles

One can try various look with a stole:

Different ways to wear a Banarasi stole

•You can drape the stole in such a manner that the centre of the stole wounds back round your neck and the two ends fall parallel in the front. You can either tie the ends to or keep them loose.

•You can wear it on one side of your shoulder letting it hang there.

Manufactured from raw silk material to produce intricate embroidered patterns, these stoles are quite easy to maintain and wash. The fabric is usually light weight and skin friendly. One of the most appealing qualities about Banarasi stoles are available in several colours which one can choose from. One can also couple up several stoles of different colours in one outfit only.

People also use Banarasi stoles for decoration purposes also. It gives an ethnic look to your interiors.

Various Banarasi stoles- Reshmi Dora Banarasi stoles, Elephant Motifs Banarasi stoles, hand Woven Silk Banarasi stoles, Tanchoi weave Banarasi stoles, Organza Banarasi stoles etc.

Have an enjoyable time buying Banarasi stoles from stores or online!

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