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How to Choose a Banarasi Saree-Different Sarees for Different Body Types

The traditional Indian Banarasi saree is a favorite amongst women of all ages throughout the world. Now if you are planning to wear or buy Banarasi sarees for a first time how will you judge which saree is best suited to your personality. After all, sarees don’t come in various sizes. It is a standard six yards long cloth material cut and embroidered in exquisite designs.

A woman can thus choose a saree which would compliment her body type. You can choose on the basis of print, fabric, embroidery, color, style etc.

Given here are some recommendations of Banarasi sarees for different body types

First and foremost thing that comes even before you enter a saree store is always to choose a saree either Banarasi or any other make that compliments your body type. It wouldn’t do you any good if you sport a heavily embroidered Banarasi Tanchoi saree if you have a broad frame.

So always keep this in mind that you want to enhance your features through saree and not just blindingly following the fashion trends.

For broad body frame

You should always go for Banarasi sarees made of light textiles like georgette or chiffon or even a chignon saree. It would do you best if you avoid wearing crepe, silk or any other heavy fabric saree.

For Slim or thin body frame

If you have a slim figure then you can carry Banarasi organza sarees quite well. The style would be more becoming for your frame. It will enhance your personality by manifolds and you can try out different saree draping styles in it. Also try buying tissue or tussar Banarasi sarees. They also go very well with a lean body frame and make you look very elegant and feminine. They should avoid sarees with big prints or too flashy sarees.

For dark skinned women

Women who are tanned or wheatish or darker in complexion can very avoid the soft pastel colors. It will only amount to paleness. In comparison, if you go for colors like maroon, bottle green, and various other darker shades of pink they would make you stand out!

For short women

Choose Banarasi sarees with narrow borders. A Baluchari saree would be wasted on short heighted women. On the other hand, a narrow border butterfly Banarasi saree would surely grant you a taller impression.

While visiting a saree store, you are better prepared to deal with the saree selection. But what about choosing the right Banarasi saree store for exclusive designs? Try the Rajan Silk Store located in the heart of Varanasi, the capital of Banarasi sarees. You can surely find a beautiful Banarasi saree suitable to your body type at an affordable range from this established shop!

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  1. Thank you. I liked the way your website gives information on different types of sarees and how to buy an original banaras saree. I wish I could view your collection. I am looking for pure silk meenakari jaal (floral) katan silk saree.

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