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Benefits of Shopping Banarasi Sari from Sari Stores in Varanasi

Indeed there are various benefits if you get your Banarasi saree shopping done directly from a sari store located at the source of Banarasi saris i.e. Varanasi city which is the centre of Banarasi saree weaving and trading all over the world.

There is an old world charm attached to this age old tradition of buying your saree from traditional saree makers situated all over Varanasi or Banaras. If you are visiting India as a tourist then you must exult in the pleasure of buying your Banarasi sari from one of the reputed sari stores here.

Not only the tourists only, but the youngsters today who are born and brought up in the mall culture must experience this more fun filled method of sari shopping right from a store in India. One only has to ask their parents and grandparents about it and you will see them reminiscing about their past shopping endeavors when one exulted in the immense attention showered by the warm established shopkeeper in his Banarasi sari store, showcasing designs after designs in front of you.

Granted it is a lot much easier and time saving to shop your Banarasi sari from online these days. Even though you might rate comfort over Banarasi sari store hopping, there are many more reasons which shows the latter being a more beneficial method of Banarasi saree shopping.

Reasons to shop for Banarasi saree from a sari store in Banaras

•When you visit a sari store for Banarasi saree shopping, you can actually touch the material, ask for them in various designs and even so try them against you to find the most suitable piece. It is not possible while shopping online.

•There is a slight difference between the colors and designs shown in pictures and in reality probably because of the lighting effect. For instance, a beautiful bridal Tanchoi Banarasi saree n red might look orangish to you because of the soft light in which it is shot. Whereas when you see it in real, it might be the perfect color that you have been looking for your bridal attire.

•You think you are saving money by shopping for your Banarasi saree online. You are quite wrong there. Whatever, the discount is announced on the website, gets covered in hr stamp, postage and other extra delivery charges that you have to incur while ordering for a saree online.

•Most of the Banarasi saris stores in Varanasi are present since many decades, so one can rely on their credibility whereas in online Banarasi saree shopping this is not possible.

•Even if you need a change or refund of your Banarasi saree, you can always visit the store or contact them to make the necessary changes. This kind of flexibility cannot be found online.

One of such Banarasi sari stores in Varanasi is Rajan Silk Store. Visit the place to enjoy the traditional method of buying a sari and revel in the beautiful designs and creations of Banarasi sarees at affordable prices!

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  1. I will take care to buy sarees directly by on-shopping rather then buyin them online.Thank-You for telling me the benefits of direct shopping.It will lead me to an affordable price shopping………

  2. i’m looking wholesale of all banarasi cloth, can you send some photo through my phone number ( WhatsApp ).
    this is my number ( OMAN )

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