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How to Clean Your Silk Saree

Silk saris are a priced possession of any woman’s wardrobe. This Indian attire has gained international popularity what with so many tourists coming to India to purchase these exquisite fabrics. The more attractive and heavy your silk sari the tedious is the task to take care of it.

It is very important to keep your sari and its luster intact. After all you would be wearing it on other occasions as well from time to time over a span of years. Silk sarees are washable. Thus you don’t have to worry that much about their cleaning. It can very well be done at home.

The best option is always opting for dry cleaning. But if you can’t afford it on a regular basis, then given here are certain tips to clean your silk sari at home.

The main purpose of keeping your saree clean is to maintain the freshness of the saree along with its lustrous shine and crispness of the design. Thus, following steps will guide you to take care of your silk sarees at home with an ease

•When you are washing the silk saree for the first time, start by soaking in salt water. Afterwards rinse the saree well in cold water.

•Remember. DO NOT wash your saree with soap in the beginning at all.

•Wash the saree in plain water 2-3 times. Then use a very mild detergent on the saree and clean it up quickly.

•Avoid using a brush or lash on saree as it only leads to tearing up of fabric.

•At the start, wash the pallu and border of the saree separately.

•Avoid making a bundle of saree. Also avoid a bundle of saree with choli [blouse] and petticoat.

•Don’t keep it wet for longer durations.

•Use cold water as soon as possible if the saree gets stained.

•If the stain is not easily washable then soak the stained area with petrol and use brush on the saree with soft cloth.

•When you press your saree, keep the heat on medium. While pressing, keep the iron in medium heat only.

•Keep your silk sarees in a cold dry place dusted with neem leaves.

•Always change the saree fold at least once a month to avoid any zari breakage.

Whether it is a dark stain or just plain dirt stuck on your precious new silk sari, the above mentioned steps will surely guide you in taking good care of your silk Banarasi sari!

Next- if you are clueless about how to get rid of certain stains from your silk saree, keep checking this space for more information. Arriving soon!

19 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Silk Saree

  1. Hi!

    I have a oil spot in my banarasi saree, its very precious for me. I’ve given it for Dry clearnes but they can’t remove the spot. Please suggest that how can i remove the oil spot.

    From Nepal

  2. I washed my banaras saree in water with detergent and now it is gone very soft. Is it ruined? What can i do to get the crispness back.

  3. hi Prishita, if you got rid of that oil spot great. if not, try to put some baby powder on the spot & leave it folded for a month. it will absorbe the oil. hope you will find this usefull

  4. hi… I am very very much worried… plz help me.. I hav a peacock blue-purple banarasi silk heavy saari.. my husband spilled cold drink by mistake in a party on my saari… no dry cleaner is ready to clean my saari…they all r saying the stains will only go wen get washed n dry cleaners don’t wash silk saaris..they said try washing at home.. plz help me soon how to get rid of these spots…I don’t want to loose my saari..

    1. We can get it repaired provided the saree is Pure Silk . You can send your saree to us and we will assess the intensity of damage and accordingly inform about the repair cost .

    1. We can get it repaired provided the saree is Pure Silk . You can send your saree to us and we will assess the intensity of damage and accordingly inform about the repair cost .

    1. Yes you can starch your saree but it has to be done with extreme caution . Hence , you should not try this at home and should get it done only through a professional dry cleaner .

    1. We have a beautiful collection of lehangas , sarees , suits and dress materials . Would request you to contact us on 9619019084 /7388731111 for any further correspondence.

    1. You need to give it to a dry cleaner for ‘charak’ or ‘maadi’ as it is called in UP. If you have a cotton sari you can starch it.

  5. I have a orange silk saree with blue colour palla.these blue colour of palla get meshed with inner part of saree bcoz of rain water.I given it to dry cleaner but he is inable to remove the stain .Please help me to remove the stain

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