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A Red Tanchoi Banarasi Sari – A Perfect Bridal Sari

Red Tanchoi Banarasi SareeIn the Indian tradition it is a custom that the bride always wears red. Just like in the western part of the world, the bride always wears white.

There can be nothing more wonderful than to see the bride decked up in a Banarasi silk sari in the traditional tanchoi weave. The red bridal Banarasi sari in pure silk is so very famous and popular that you will find quite a few brides sporting it.

There can be nothing really more elegant than a bride in a blazing red tanchoi silk Banarasi sari. There are a range of different designs and styles that one can choose from the exotic collection of Banarasi sari that you will find on display. There can be hardly any bride who can resist the pull of the Banarasi sari and not want to wear it either for the actual wedding ceremony or the reception.

The tanchoi Banarasi sari is a unique weave in silk that makes for the perfect bridal wear. It has the right amounts of style and design to it. The complex weaves that go into the sari of this magnitude make it all the more special and just perfect for the bride to wear on her big day.

Tanchoi Banarasi SariPreviously the borders of these saris were only embroidered using silken threads of different colors but by the 1940s this trend had changed. What was now seen was the weaving of the borders as well and to spike them up zari threads were used in gold and silver.

The next time that you attend a wedding check what the bride has worn and invariably you will find that what she has is the most gorgeous of red tanchoi silk Banarasi sari.

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