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The right Benarasi Wedding Sari to complement what the groom wears

When you are putting your wedding trousseau together and deciding on the kind of Benarasi Wedding Sari with the right kind of material and color to it, you also need to keep in mind the groom and what is he going to wear on that all important day. This is the day that you forget the you, and remember, that you both are now we. Both of you are going to appear on the stage together as one and therefore the colors that you both wear should be complementary and not clashing.

A good idea is to either go trousseau shopping together wherein you pick your Benarasi Wedding Sari and he chooses his sherwani. Or else, find out the color that he is going to wear and then choose a Benarasi Wedding Sari of the right matching color for it. You might also want to decide before hand of the colors that you would like to have on that particular day. Keep in mind that there are traditionally some colors that are considered to be auspicious and you have a wide range of Benarasi Wedding Sari in these colors.

The right kind of colors in the Benarasi Wedding Sari and the grooms outfit can be further matched and complemented with the overall décor used in the wedding hall. You can go ahead and order flowers of the same monochromatic color theme and dress up the entire place so.
Most Indian brides prefer to wear really vibrant and dark colors that will enable them to stand out in their Benarasi Wedding Sari. The bridegroom can offset that to perfection by dressing in off white, cream, beige, or golden hues of sherwani. This will work perfectly and be captured really well in pictures as well.

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