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Trendy Color Combinations in Banarasi Saris

Weaving Banarasi saris is a traditional art that has been practiced since ancient times in the holy city of Varanasi. While the traditional color combinations have stood the test of time and are still immensely popular today, fashion designers love to give things a swirl and introduce these traditional weaves in trendy colors. The beauty of this is the newer colours look ultra chic and stylish without taking away from the traditional aspect of the Banarasi sari.

aditi rao hyadari banarasi saree

Take a look at some of the trendy color combinations that have been showcased by some of the top designers at the many fashion shows held through the year in various parts of India.

Ritu Kumar Banarasi fashion show

At the Lakme Fashion Week 2015, Ritu Kumar, one of India’s top designers launched her collection of Varanasi Weaves. This stupendous collection showcased a wide range of Banarasi saris in trendy color combinations never seen before. Models walked the catwalk gracefully draped in Banarasi saris worn in innovative styles and designed in eye catching color combinations from understated gold with white to subdued blue with silver, flashy purple with gold and deep dark brown and bronze. It was an absolute treat for Banarasi sari lovers who were looking for something a little different to add to their wardrobe.


The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 fashion show also highlighted Banarasi weaves with as many as sixteen top fashion designers showcasing Banarasi saris in trendy colors and designs. Known for their extravagant designs that straddle the old and new, designers JJ Valaya, Sabyasachi Mukerhjee and Tarun Tahiliani amongst other known names, experimented with different color combinations, weaves and drapes resulting in a stunning display that truly showed off the true splendor of Banarasi saris.

Designer Sabyasachi’s sea green sari with gold zari border was a hit at the show. Completely different from the traditional red colors that Indian brides usually wear, this is one hip color combination that has created waves and looks all set to start a new fashion trend.

Sabyasatchi banarasi collection

It’s easy to see that today’s trendy color combinations in Banarasi saris emphasize a fantastic fusion of old and new. Though quite different from the traditional shades, these modern colors work beautifully to highlight a different facet of this traditional sari weaving art.


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