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Salwar kameez or sari for wedding?

When we talk of saris for weddings can the Salwar kameez be far behind? Even though many women opt for sarees when it comes to big occasions there are also those who prefer to be attired in Salwar kameez for special events. This is true particularly with the younger generation who may find the Sari a little difficult to manage.

Banarasi Silk Sari
Banarasi Silk Meena Booti with Zari Border & Pallu (Reddish Maroon)

Salwar kameez’ are especially popular in Punjab and some other northern states. They are comfortable and look elegant. You get to pick from silk, georgette, salwar kameez’ with mirror work, embroidery, stones, crystal embellishments and sequins, which add to the aesthetics. In the end it all depends on each one’s taste and requirements. And there is no dearth of Apparels to please every eye in today’s market.

Every girl dreams of looking nothing less than a princess on her wedding day. Although the Salwar Kameez has its own place, women generally prefer the opulent silk sari. The Banarasi silk sari beats any other wedding attire hands down. Infact in most Catholic weddings celebrated in India, the bride prefers to drape a Banarasi sari for the latter half of her reception.  A Banarasi sari speaks tradition, culture, elegance, and will leave a bride looking her opulent best on the most revered day of her life.

Speaking of markets, you will find sari shops in every market that you will visit anywhere in the country. But for those who do not want to waste precious time searching for good shops, this information would be beneficial and useful.

For those wanting to shop in for Banarasi silk wedding saree, there is no better place than buying it from its place of origination and that is Varanasi. As history goes, when Lord Buddha attained Nirvana he was wrapped in a cloth from Benaras. The Rig-Veda, Ramayan and even the Mahabharata have all inferences to the Golden Woven Cloth. It was also known as Kaseyyaka or the Silk of Beneras.

It just goes to show that the shimmering beautiful yard of sari has been around for centuries. What would be more auspicious than wearing silk weaves that have been mentioned in some of the most holiest books of the Hindus .

If you’ve decided on a Banaras saree or Varanasi sari then you are sure to be enthralled by the sheer beauty that each pattern and motif in the sari has. Every design on the sari is known for like the Ari Patidaar, Butidaar, Jamuna, Koni, Jaal, Jamdani etc. With beautiful brocades , patterns, motifs etc these saris will win every woman’s heart over.

With such a vast variety of saris to choose from, it is no wonder that you will always see the best in traditional attire wherever you go and whatever be the occasion. The tradition of wearing saris will never go out of fashion, no matter how the fashion scene trends change in the country.

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