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How should a bride choose the Benarasi Silk Sari

The bride has several options in front of her when she goes on to choose her bridal attire. However, one attire that will make her look and feel regal and like a true blood Indian princess is the Benarasi Sari.

The best of the Benarasi Sari will ensure that the bride looks out of this world. But, for that she has to choose right. Here are the factors that she should keep in mind when she chooses her Benarasi Sari for the wedding:

  • The color

The color that the bride chooses should be the kind that suits her complexion. Although traditionally an Indian bride does need to wear red but times are changing and so are the brides. They tend to opt for either their favorite colors or those colors that go on to complement their complexions in the most wonderful of ways.

  • The amount of zari

The amount of zari that the bride wants in her sari depends on the bling factor. She can also opt for the golden or silver zari thread depending on the kind of jewelry that she opts to wear. Another thing is that the zari and the color of the Benarasi Sari should be able to match perfectly with her overall attire and accessories.

  • Traditional or modern

This is the kind of decision that the bride needs to make for the Benarasi Sari that she will wear. The image that she wants to portray to the world at large can make her decide on this.

  • The design and weave

The design and weave play a major role in making sure that the Benarasi Sari that the bride has worn stands out and all other saris pale in front of it.

You are a bride only once in your life, so go ahead and make the most of it.

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