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Is Your Kanjeevaram Sari A Fake?

How can you tell the difference between a fake Kanjeevaram sari and a genuine Kanjeevaram sari? After all these saris don’t come cheap. A normal Kanjeevaram sari can cost anywhere round between 1,000-50,000 depending upon the type!

Indian sari is a traditional wear for Indian women since many centuries. Over the years the sari has evolved and changed styles but its basic pattern remains the same. Kanjeevaram saris which are a specialty of South India originated from the town of Kanchipuram some 150 years ago.

Kanchipuram Silk SarisThe town which is untouched by the modern world still produces the best Kanjeevaram saris in the country. These saris which have a heavier silk base as compared to the other saris make use of gold dipped threads for creating patterns like peacocks and parrots on them.

Normally, it is believed that the heavier the silk of your Kanjeevaram sari, the better is quality. But how can one check the quality of the silk?

Here are few ways in which you can identify your Kanjeevaram sari from an imitation or fake sari

Kanjeevaram Saris•To check for quality of silk of your Kanjeevaram sari is very important. One can find the silk initially thick and glossy upon the Pallu on inspection. But once you feel inside you might notice that it is only half the thickness and not full fledged which is a trademark of a Kanjeevaram sari!

•A low quality Kanjeevaram sari will have just two ply silk as compared to the original three ply silk used in weaving.

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees•One can also check for zari. The original Kanjeevaram sari makes use of gold dipped thread where as fake gold zari is used in an imitation sari. See if the zari used in the sari has thread covered with flattened silver in centre and gold on the outer surface or not.

•How to test zari for fakeness- just scratch or scrape the zari and check if a red silk emerges from the core of the sari. If not, ten it is not a real Kanjeevaram sari!

•Besides one can also see through the border, body and even the Pallu of the Kanjeevaram sari.

Just remember a genuine Kanjeevaram silk sari is woven separately and then interlocked together to produce the exquisite designs!

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