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Embroidery Designs for Sarees-Popular Designs to Choose from!

Indian embroidery designs are quite famous worldwide. In fact, one can find the rising trend of seeing the beautiful Indian embroidery done by hand over saree patterns these days. It has taken over the fancy of the Indian brides especially who love to deck up for their special occasion.

Saree is an Indian traditional wear. Although, women love to show off their sarees on special occasions, it still remains favorite daily wear amongst women of all ages.

Embroidered sarees are in fashion right now. What are best about these sarees are their designs. One can choose from a variety of styles and designs available under embroidery designs and select the best material for their saree and have it custom made.

Designer sarees are considered quite an extravagant affair meant for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, events, festivals etc.

There are different types of embroidery designs that fall under Indian embroidery for sarees. One can choose from cutwork, crewl, patchwork, ribbon, bead work, appliqué, flower, religious, chikankari embroidery styles for your sarees.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the most popular embroidery designs for sarees

Chikankari Embroidery Designs
Chikankari is quite an elegant and stylish form of Indian embroidery preferred by many women. This type of embroidery looks great on a saree whether in flat stitch, embossed stitch and jail work! Chikankari is done by hand very delicately. That is why it is a favorite amongst women of all ages who love to wear a chikankari designer saree!

Beaded Embroidery Designs
Perhaps one of the most popular embroidery designs, beaded embroidery can add that much needed shine in your over all look! This type of designs when done on saree brings out the luster which manages to capture the attention of everyone round you. The work is done with beads of different size and types sewn together to form beautiful designs. One can choose from designs like glass beads, wooden beads, metallic beads and plastic beads.

Appliqué Embroidery Designs
This form of embroidery involves sewing together different fabrics onto one basic fabric either with hand or machine via inlaying or outlaying. It is quite a famous form of Indian embroidery designs for sarees!

Patchwork Embroidery Designs
This beautiful form of Indian embroidery designs involves sewing together different designs to form one new pattern either with hand or machine!

Other famous embroidery designs for sarees include floral designs and crewl embroidery designs which involve sketching a design on fabric and later carving it with the help of wool!

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