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Drape the Banarasi Sari in several different ways

Ways to drape a banarasi sareeIf you have got the best of saris amongst the lot in the finest make of Banarasi Sari then you can be as creative and innovative with it as possible. That is the beauty of the Banarasi Sari that is you can go ahead and drape it just the way that you want to in different ways so as to make the sari look different and new every time that you wear it. Also, it will allow you to create a glam and chic look that is different all the time.

The new age woman has shunned the petticoat or the skirt that is worn underneath the Banarasi Sari for something more comfortable such as trousers or jeggigns or leggings. The blouse too has become all the more fancier with different variants of it being added on.

The Banarasi Sari is just the right kind of material to have the pleats fall into place. It is heavy enough to ensure that it does not keep falling off from your shoulders and this can be quite a good thing.

Now, if you have already worn the sari the usual way of having it tucked in as pleats on the front and the rest of it thrown over the left shoulder, you can try a different way of wearing the Banarasi Sari called the Gujarati style. The difference in this style of wearing the Banarasi Sari is that the pleats point to the right and the pallu is taken over the right shoulder and comes in the front. This is a very elegant and chic style of draping the Banarasi Sari just the way you see it draped in most of the sitcoms on the television. Get yourself the classy touch of sophistication that only a Banarasi Sari can bring along.

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