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Baluchari Sarees-Pride of East India!

Baluchari Sarees are a trademark of East India. One can recognize a Baluchari sari from the other sarees by the pictorial designs depicting mythological scenes on its border. Baluchari sarees have a royal touch to them which makes them quite unique in nature.

The main attraction of the saree lies in its borders wherein one can see repeated patterns like sun, moon, stars, and mythological scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharata, motifs of natural objects etc.

Baluchari saree is inspired from the Jamdani Sarees of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Although, one can find these sarees in other parts of India, but Bengal in East India remains its largest maker. Murshidabad in west Bengal serves as the epicenter of the Baluchari sarees all over India. Baluchari sarees derived its name from a small village in Murshidabad known as Baluchara.

One can trace back its history to the times of Mughal given the court scenes and royal designs depicted on the border of the sarees. It was worn only by the elite class at that time.

But in 18th century, east India sarees revived royal patronage thus making east India the full time makers of Baluchari sarees. It came into fashion some 200 years ago and has since then became a favorite of Indian women all over India!

Field of the saree mostly consists small bootis with edges containing floral designs while the border of the saree depicts mythical scenes like horse with a ride, women with hookah etc.

Baluchari saree have a silk base with silk brocaded designs. The sari usually showcases a light contrast with the base and the yarn used in the patterns of the border.

The colors used in yarn are red, blue, scarlet, green and yellow. What is most interesting is the fact the contrast yarns are in harmony with the base fabric. One can find Baluchari sarees in colors of deep red, chocolate, yellow, purple, white, blue etc. which makes is suitable for women of all ages!

Specialty of Baluchari saris– The specialty of these sarees lies in their fabric, weaving patterns and traditional designs. Some examples of Baluchari sarees are Bankura, Bundwar and Murshidabad!

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