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Indian Wedding Sarees-Distinctive Style from All over India

While deciding for your wedding trousseau one must keep certain things in mind like the type of ceremony you are having, type of jewellery, color preferences, embroidery etc.

Many women like to wear traditional Indian sari on their wedding day. Since India is a land of diverse cultures who come with their own sets of traditions. Thus, one gets a vast choice of saris for wedding purpose from all over India!

Here are some of the examples of five of the most famous Indian bridal saris from various parts of India

Kanjeevaram sari [South India]
These traditional saris which are made of heavy pure silk are known for their border designs adorned with gold thread and motifs like elephants, flowers, paisleys, peacocks, parrots in vibrant color combinations. These beautiful bridal saris remain untouched from the modern designs and follow the same pattern as 150 years ago.

Embroidered Zardozi Sari
This sari glorifies the ancient Parisian art known as Zardozi. Believed to be the sari of monarchs and royal artisan, these types of saris were made popular by the Mughals. Today, Zardozi saris are a favorite amongst top dress designers. The3 body of the sari is heavily decorated with pearls, sequins and jewels embroidery designs either on silk, velvet or brocade.

Bridal Zardozi sari on silk or brocade takes 4-56 months in preparation and when worn makes a bride look immensely beautiful!

Banarasi Brocade Saris
These saris are made by weaving silk with gold or silver threads which is known as the zari work. The artisans from Banaras are famous for their zari work all over the world. Influenced strongly by the Mughals, these Banarasi brocade bridal saris consist of motifs drawing images form nature, poetry, legends etc. These saris are available in various fabrics and patterns. The most famous one is the Tanchoi sari.

One can opt for a Banarasi brocade sari in colours of red, maroon and green as these are the Indian wedding colours also considered quite auspicious.

Baluchari Saris [Bengal]
Adorned with small patterns on butis, floral borders with pictorial Pallus are the trademark of Baluchari saris from Bengal. These saris are known for their narrative Pallus depicting scenes from epics like Mahabharata or Ramayana. One can find them mostly in colours of bright red, cream, yellow, white, purple, green, blue etc. The most common color combination on Baluchari bridal saris is the red and white or cream combination.

Bandhani saris [Gujarat]
These saris are made of cotton or silk with real gold thread work. It is quite suitable for brides. It boasts of bandhej or tie and dye designs which are nothing but checks woven out of gold bands of zari. It features motifs like peacocks, elephants, winter flowers etc. The golden border of the sari which makes it quite pretty is made up of Kundan and sequins work!

Choose any of the above mentioned saris for your bridal wear!

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